Sandy Recovery: Don’t Cut Taxes Now, Governor Christie

Check out my opinion piece on our NYU class’s online publication, Sandy Recovery. I discuss why it’s a bad idea for Governor Chris Christie to cut taxes in NJ at this critical junction.

Also, follow the publication on Twitter! @sandyrecovery12

Sandy Recovery

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Governor Christie should keep fiscally conservative policies in mind to help New Jersey rebuild.

By Sonya Chudgar

When Governor Chris Christie and budget officials in New Jersey sit down to assess Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the state budget, they should keep one point in mind: fiscal conservatism helped Louisiana beat Katrina.

This has little to do with politics. And it might sound contradictory at first.

You don’t need me to tell you that many New Jersey storefronts are still powerless, people homeless, employees jobless, denizens restless and communities faithless.

You might ask how financial conservatism will bring defunct businesses and shattered communities back to life.

Firstly, remember that conservatism does not necessarily mean moderation or opposition to change. It means calculation and deliberation. And if New Jersey follows the example set by Louisiana in 2006, conservatism will not tighten the reigns on the state…

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