iMessage Goes Down, and Twitter Goes to Town

  1. Around 3 p.m. today, Apple iMessage service went down. Reliability is at the core of Apple’s services. Its brand depends on satisfied customers—and the more often Apple introduces gaffes, such as its faulty Apple Maps app and this iMessaging blunder, the fewer loyal customers will remain.
    While Apple’s brand is known for its unbelievably loyal “fanboys,” there are clearly many vocal users who speak out against the brand when it wrongs them.
  2. kakabadze
    Apple’s iMessage service is currently suffering from systemic downtime

    Sun, Nov 18 2012 14:16:42
  3. kennawilkinson
    RT @TaylorBerger_: iMessage is nice and all when it actually works

    Sun, Nov 18 2012 14:16:41
  4. Savannah_Lee1
    RT @spoiledbratprbz: Come back to me, iMessage. I’m not going to survive much longer without you.

    Sun, Nov 18 2012 14:17:33
  5. _lauradoe
    RT @yhpaige: imessage isn’t working?

    Sun, Nov 18 2012 14:19:44
  6. Brodsto77
    RT @Canadagentleman: Seriously Apple? One of the worlds largest tech giants & you can barely keep your messaging service running? #iMessage

    Sun, Nov 18 2012 14:21:50
  7. _leemitchell
    thought it was only blackberrys that had problems with the network, not apple!

    Sun, Nov 18 2012 14:25:44
  8. paige_ashleyy
    I guess Apple decided that we should all go Amish for the day.. #iPhoneProblems

    Sun, Nov 18 2012 14:30:21
  9. A consortium of Tweeters believe Apple’s brand has been mishandled and weakened since Steve Jobs’ passing in 2011.
  10. LeeRoge
    apple have gone down hill since Steve Jobs died.

    Sun, Nov 18 2012 14:22:42
  11. peteypabz92
    RT @realmisacampo: I’m pissed that Steve Jobs passed away. Apple is really, really effing up my iPhone love. Dropped the ball, dropped the ball.

    Sun, Nov 18 2012 14:29:38
  12. mywayorBUSHWAY
    Wake up Steve Jobs, we got a problem with iMessage down here.

    Sun, Nov 18 2012 14:23:56

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