Redbox: the Hot Ticket

Redbox announced last week that it plans to test selling tickets to live events through its groovy DVD stands. As the WSJ article points out, we’re not talking front-row seats to Kanye and Lil’ Wayne having a riff off. The tickets will likely be nosebleeds or those last-minute seats that have yet to sell out.

The move proves how Redbox is unafraid to offer something customers want—cheap, easy to access entertainment—in an easy manner. Building on its $1 DVD rentals is a good move for Redbox in a style that allows the brand to remain top-of-mind with its core, looking-for-cheap-fun customer base.

The company will roll out its ticketing service in select cities, beginning with Philadelphia. First up is a Nov. 28 Carrie Underwood concert in the area. The Wells Fargo Center arena has 19,500 seats total, though Redbox spokespeople declined to affirm how many of those seats would be doled out by their signature rectangular DVD stands.

Also important is the fact that Redbox will charge only $1 in services charges, which is a steal compared to LiveNation, which can often tack on $15+ on service fees—a vaguely titled fine that makes ticketing ever more expensive and frustrating for consumers who don’t quite understand why they’re being charged for “service.” This isn’t a restaurant.

In the WSJ article, Mark Achler, Redbox’s VP of new business and strategy, says the move exemplifies how Redbox rentals are often an impulse purchase.

I think this is a brilliant strategy on Redbox’s part. The brand proved it is successful in DVD rentals and has helped put Blockbuster and other brick-and-mortar rentals move their business models into the Netflix/online arena. What if it could help do the same for concerts and sports shows?

Carrie Underwood could stand for more than just country music come Nov. 28, when her concert affirms or denies Redbox’s new strategy.




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