The Year’s Top 100 Brands


By Shahroozporia

Brands are always wondering how to generate the highest rate of return. Duh. And the Best Global Brands report, released Tuesday, tells us all which brands are most successful.

The top 5 should surprise no one: Coca-Cola, Apple, I.B.M., Google, and Microsoft. Factors taken into account include financial performance and compelling consumers.

The list is significant because it tells less prosperous brands the model they should be following. Customers obviously feel a connection to Coke, Apple, and even those higher up on the list such as Disney and Louis Vuitton. That’s because these brands don’t just put out good products; they know how to adhere themselves in consumers’ memories.

Branding, marketing, and messaging are all siblings. A company that knows how to successfully brand can make grand strides in consumer loyalty and support. Consider Apple. Apple has jumped 15 spots in two years. It was No. 17 in 2010 and No. 8 last year. And now it is No. 2. I wonder when, or if, Apple will ever unseat the dominant Coca-Cola.

Speaking of, I am impressed that Coca-Cola, a foodservice brand, still has more international acclaim and recognition from consumers than the aforementioned technology companies.

Check out the full list here!


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